All Glory be to God Almighty who in His infinite mercy has enabled us to see this blessed period in our lives. A few days ago we were expecting to see the 2016 Christmas/New Year season; but in the twinkling of an eye, we are already in the 20017 season! That shows the fleeting nature of the times we live in.

God has blessed us with His favor in all areas by supplying all our needs according to His riches in glory, and above all, is preparing us for the mansions He is getting ready for you and me. It is now our responsibility to make ourselves worthy of this great love He has been showing us, by walking with Him as closely as ever possible, so that His name will not be tarnished in any manner by the enemy of our souls.

Let us make 20018 count as an activity-rich era, being alert and watchful with intense sobriety, knowing fully well, that we are gradually getting closer and closer to the moment when we shall see Him break the skies and gather us home to Himself.

Let us live as if we realize that He is actually going to come in the next few minutes. That being so, we need to make important changes for the better in the way we lived our lives in the past.

Behold, He Comes!

Rev. Dr. Samuel Abraham

Merry Christmas2017

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